Enclosed Track

Workstation bridge cranes for lighter capacity applications

Workstations with precision rail require less force to move and have slight articulation in the bridge for better end pulling than their steel counterparts.

Precision Rail - IR/Zimmerman

Ingersoll Rand offers precision steel, aluminum, and stainless rail systems to meet your specific material handling needs


Steel Rail - Gorbel

Gorbel offers steel enclosed track systems with up to 30ft spans and capacities up to 2 tons

Additional Brands Available at Kenrich Industrial

Precision Rail - Unified

Unified Industries manufactures precision rail with articulating bridges for very easy movement


Precision Rail - Eepos

Eepos makes precision aluminum rail up to 4000 lbs. Due to its modularity and flexibility, a wide variety of handling devices can be connected. They also offer media infrastructure which supplies energy and data along the asembly line


Steel Rail - Metreel

Met-Track® Workstation Bridge Cranes enable you to achieve effortless and reliable area-serving overhead handling for a wide variety of applications up to 4400 lbs


Steel Rail - Spanco

Spanco Freestanding Overhead Bridge Cranes bolt directly to your facility floor. Freestanding Bridge Crane systems are ideal for facilities with high ceilings, multiple workstations with different ceiling-heights, or locations with obstructions


Steel Rail - Niko

NIKORAIL Light Crane System provides an ergonomic and cost effective solution to conventional overhead crane systems, particularly when there is a height and space restriction. Versatile and reliable overhead handling can be achieved for a variety of applications using the NIKORAIL modular design


Precision & Steel Rail - Demag - KBK

The components of our modular system can be combined to create individual suspension monorail, suspension crane, pillar and wall-mounted slewing jib crane solutions. Thanks to the system's high flexibility, our KBK installations can be integrated easily into any production infrastructure – and modified at any time.


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