Value Add

Engineered Add-ons For Products We Sell

Kenrich Industrial’s team of engineers is ready to design a simple lifting fixture all the way up to a turn key automated solution

Custom work cell to postion the part properly for tightening


Products Distributed:

  • Atlas Copco
  • Controlled Dynamics

Custom work cell with fixturing and high torque forces

Fully automated work cell containing parts drawers, collaborative robot, screw feeder, precision torque tool, leak detection, and ink jet marking

Products Distributed:

  • Omron robot, PLC, Controls, Safety
  • Stanley
  • Visumatic
  • AirTac
  • Controlled Dynamics

Custom lifting device to ergonomically load trays of product into a machine using an intelligent lift

Vision inspection cell to detect barely visible product defects

Collaborative robot manipulating a high torque tool in a torque reaction arm with integrated vision and fixturing

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