Load Testing

Kenrich Industrial has full-load testing capabilities on-site or at our facility via digital load meter and a weight pit with 40-ton testing capabilities.

A load test is performed to verify that a specific crane or hoist will safely perform all of its functions while supporting a test load whose weight is at least equal to the equipment’s rated capacity. Because load tests confirm the ability of the crane and hoist to safely operate as intended, they must be completed whenever this overhead lifting equipment is newly installed, altered, repaired, or modified before being placed into service. Existing crane and hoist systems should likewise be load tested at a minimum of once every four years.

The test load used must be at least 100% and no more than 125% of the equipment’s rated capacity unless otherwise recommended by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The weight itself should be certified prior to testing. Load tests should be dynamic, that is they confirm that the overhead crane and hoist function safely and properly as they move to lift and lower the test load, as well as transport it over the length of the bridge and of the runway. All findings and reports should be kept on file for the lifetime of the equipment.