Electric Motor Service

EMS was originally founded back in 1980 and eventually merged in 1991 with Kenrich Industrial. The idea behind the merger was that the foundry world could benefit by not only having its tools serviced, but also having an option of repairing the motors and gearboxes that powered the foundry world as well. Throughout the decades, both of our companies transitioned into an all in one package that eventually became a true integrator and service facility. On the EMS side, we went from being a simple motor shop to a full OEM and MRO solution provider. By 2022, we still maintain the same repair mentality, but have expanded our services into servo motor repair as well as hoist repair. We have also partnered with specific motor, gearbox, and VFD brands to be able to provide a true OEM solution, incorporating a UL panel shop into the mix as well. We are a solution provider.