AC Drives and Components

While we are a full panel shop, we also are more than willing to work with customers to provide a stand alone drive option for motor controlling. Our main brand that we have been partnered with since the 1990’s has been Lenze. We currently stock from .5HP to 60HP drives on our shelf at any given time. For those customers that are looking to build an in-house solution, we also provide components for their builds as well.

Lenze ACTech

We have been partners with Lenze since the 1980's and over the years, we have sold thousands of their VFD's. With a relatively low cost and simplistic programming, the ACTech line has been a hit. Recently, Lenze has also released a new i550 series. This series has three different options, and IP20 cabinet version that can be stacked next to each other, and then also a NEMA 1 and NEMA 4X version that is more robust but has the same capabilities. Lenze ACTech will have a solution for your needs.

VFD Options

Sprecher and Schuh

Sprecher and Schuh is owned by Rockwell and is the sister company to Allen Bradley. The Sprecher and Schuh brand has been a prominent solution for those needs that require a Rockwell solution, but at a price point that doesn't break the bank. Sprecher and Schuh offers the full line of control components and have been heavily integrated into nearly all of our panel builds.

S+S Linecard