UL Controls and Fabrication

Here at Electric Motor Service, we are so much more than a simple motor shop. We had originally opened up our panel shop to be a viable resource for our OEM business. From originally starting as a small integrator, we have adapted our business to being a self-certified UL panel shop. This gives the capabilities of being able to build any customer need that comes up.


Whether our customers have a concept in their hand or hand sketched on paper, with having a UL certified controls engineer on hand, we have the capabilities of designing control panels of any size.

Panel Building

We currently have 4 panel builders on hand at any given time, two of which also have experience with CAD and designing. We can efficiently complete repeat builds as well as custom designs.

PLC Programming

By having an engineer on hand, we have the capabilities to program in a variety of different languages. Our engineering manager has dealt heavily with programming large paper machines and no task is too much.