Repair Capabilities

One of our biggest strong suits is the dedication of our team to repair units to a truly re-manufactured product. We will not cut corners to make the unit simply function, but instead repair the unit to as close to a newly manufactured item if not better. In the instances of bearing tolerances, we follow an SKF study that determined the best tolerance for shaft and housings to be .0005″ fit which holds the bearing more true and allows for a longer life span.

Electric Motor Repair

Our repair process starts the same no matter what comes in. A full disassembly is first up, followed by testing the stator to see if the winding is still viable. Afterwards, we mic the housings and journals to verify tolerances. We then provide a no-cost estimate to our customers and let them decide on whether they would like to proceed with the repair or instead purchase a replacement option.

Gearbox Repair

While motor repair is our core repair business, in a lot of instances there will also be a gearbox of some discretion attached to the motor. Whether it is a simple right angle worm gearbox, to a helical bevel, we start again with disassembly. We go through the same process and mic every tolerance possible.

Pump Repair

While not as common, we do see pump related applications come in to EMS for repair evaluation. Whether it is a hydraulic pump, a vacuum pump, or even a centrifugal/submersible pump, we are more than happy to evaluate the unit for repair. The most common pump repair will be completed on vacuum pumps/blowers due to the large amount of paper converting companies in Wisconsin.

Other Capabilities

EMS has the capabilities to repair just about any product that we sell. By having winders, mechanics, a servo tech, and even a machinist on hand, we have a crew that can tackle any job.