Servo Motor and Hoist Repair

Back in 2018, we acquired the assets of another motor shop and along with that came a servo tech with nearly 20 years of experience. When he was hired on, we built an internal “Clean Room” to keep it as controlled of a repair environment as possible. Since the hiring, we have fixed thousands of servo motors and hoists. We pride ourselves on timely repair quotes as well as quick repairs.

Servo Motor Repair

We repair nearly every servo motor brand that exists on the market. With our current set up, we will do our own initial testing on the unit to try to determine the failure. A lot of the failures will actually fall on a failed bearing causing a feedback issue. However, if the encoder is bad, we can pull the program out of the encoder and install it into a new replacement. After reassembling and setting the phase angle, we are able to fully test the motor to ensure function.

Hoist Repair

As hoist inspections were a value add that our company completes on a daily basis, we thought it would be ideal to train a few service guys on the repair end. We currently have three people on our staff that have the capabilities of both electric and air hoist repair. Whenever a service is completed on a hoist, we also will load test the unit to 125% of its rated capacity to ensure a working product goes back to our customers.