Worm and High Efficiency Gearboxes

We have partnered heavily over the last few years with a specific group of gearing solutions. For the more traditional right angle worm approach, we have paired with Grove Gear. While also manufactured in Wisconsin, EMS stocks between 300-400 right angle gearboxes on our shelf at any given time. When an application requires a higher torque output in a small package, we represent both SEW and Nord in that department.

Grove Gear

When it comes to simplistic speed reduction, Grove Gear is the simplest solution. For years it has been the front runner in conveyor applications. These gearboxes are also manufactured right in Union Grove, Wisconsin so you can know you are getting a true American made product.

Grove Linecard

SEW Eurodrive

SEW Eurodrive has been the front runner in regards to large torque out of a small package. SEW has a wide variety of different solutions when it comes to gearing, motors, and also speed related applications.

SEW Product Portfolio

Nord Gear

While Nord offers a similar selection of gearmotor design to their competition SEW, they have a large selection of gearing that is for any industry, including large torque requirements. Nord is manufactured right in Waunakee, WI as well, so you know you are buying quality.

Nord Product Portfolio