Reliable Repair Service

Founded in 1953 as an air tool service shop, Kenrich Industrial has always recognized the value of best-in-class repair service to its customers. Further, we have an uncompromising repair methodology and turn-key approach of servicing for all makes and models of pneumatic and electric tools -- making us the best choice for the repair of any industrial quality air tool, hoist, DC electric tool, balancer, or technical assembly tool. As we grew, so did both our capabilities and staff. Now with over 12 repair mechanics, full-load testing capabilities via digital load meter, a weight pit with 40-ton testing capabilities, torque testing and calibration equipment, and rotary tachometers, we are truly a one-stop shop. In addition to our staff and expertise, we've doubled-down on our commitment to service with the building of a brand new state of the art technology and service center in 2013.

Our focus has always been on quality. We certify that the tool or lifting device is 97% of new or better when it leaves our facility. We take extra steps to ensure that each tool receives the care and attention that it deserves, and it shows. We typically repair over 400 tools and hoists per month but can always handle more. From nutrunners to impacts, we estimate at no charge and will provide additional support for a turn-key repair solution.

We take the guesswork out of tool and hoist repair so you can focus on your core business. Call today and schedule your sales consultation!


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