Taurus 2
Hydropneumatic Riveter

The finest blind rivet tool on the market, the Gesipa Taurus 2 covers a wide range of rivet sizes, and handles most industrial riveting applications with long service life, consistency, and accuracy. Features below:

  • New 3-piece jaw design increases jaw life – reducing service costs
  • Integrated mandrel collection system with grip release shutoff – conserves compressed air resources
  • Padded ergonomic tool grip enhances comfort – lowers operator fatigue
  • Interchangeable tips for specific applications
  • Extended nose-pieces for extra reach
  • "Smart" tool features for integration into automation and process control

Product Specifications

Work Capacity

Up to 3/16" Ø in all materials

Weight (lbs)


Pulling Strength (lbs)

2500 @ 90 psi

Working Stroke (Inches)