Electric Motor
& Control Products

Founded as local a motor repair shop, Electric Motor Service has truly become a leader in service and value. True to our roots, Electric Motor Service continues to repair AC, DC, Servo motor, and gearboxes with the latest testing and calibration equipment. All repair machining is completed to ½ the NEMA tolerance for best fit, form, and function in your shop.

Electric Motor Service can also meet and exceed your needs for turn-key systems, providing the best products for your application. Whether your needs require a motor and gearbox combination, a full vector servo control, or a simple 3-phase drive, we can integrate them in-house with our fully featured panel shop.

As our business has grown, so has our competitive advantage. We are a key partner for Baldor, Leeson, Sprecher and Schuh, Lenze, AC Tech, Grove, and more. We take pride in our inventory and staff, currently boasting over 25 associates and over one million dollars in inventory to meet and exceed your expectations. Try us today! We pick-up, deliver, and are available 24/7.

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Complete 24 hour rewind and repair services
  • Temperature controlled ovens with print out capability
  • All motors rewound  class “H”-ISR insulation
  • Complete machine shop capability
  • Balancing up to 5000 lb rotating device
  • 8 -Ton lifting capability 
  • Core Loss testing
  • Rotor Bar testing
  • Full voltage test to 3,000 hp @ 4160 volt
  • Servo motor/encoder/resolver testing
  • Complete rebuild of submersible pumps and control panels
  • Rebuild of vacuum pumps
  • Electronic field service surge/hi-pot testing
  • In-plant preventative maintenance and trouble shooting
  • Specialty motor design vibration analysis
  • Hoist inspections and load testing
  • Clean room testing for pulse/torque tools


If you wish to review our entire Linecard, download it here.

For a complete overview of our repair processes and motor failure modes Download here