Power Focus 6000

This all new fastening solution from Atlas Copco takes productivity, ergonomics, quality and environmental impact to entirely new levels. And all this with the most user-friendly experience ever. Enjoy the benefits of a system providing a unique operator experience, with superior quality control and the most flexible integration. The Power Focus 6000 and Tensor STR is the perfect option for your safety critical assembly processes!

Multi tool controller

The Power Focus 6000 increases your flexibility in rebalancing assembly lines. Now you are able to connect up to 6 tools to the same controller. Giving you a simpler installation with less cables, hardware components and network drops. Add to that the lower power consumption, less floor space utilization and a much lower environmental footprint, the benefits are obvious.

Common controller

One platform for handheld and fixtured tools. The Power Focus 6000 reduces your inventory costs and training requirements. Easy to connect and configure back up tools, using the same programming interface. More compatible solutions will continuously be deployed. And the Power Focus 6000 will be your common controller for all tools and needs.

IAM - Intelligent application module

Intelligence in the palm of your hand. Software, tightening data and configuration – carry all important information with you in a future proof portable module. Easy to upgrade and stable with a rapid back-up function. Two software areas allow for smart software management. Allowing a much safer upgrade process, always giving the possibility to switch between two software versions.


Product Downloads:

Power Focus 6000 Brochure

Power Focus 6000 Quick Setup Guide