Atlas Copco Power Focus 4000 DC Electric Tool Controller


The Atlas Copco Power focus Controller can control a large range of Atlas's electric tools; Tensor ST, STR, SR, SL, DS, DL, and ETX.  It boasts line control capability and special features that make it flexible for almost any application needing process control and critical tightening monitoring.  From stand-alone installations, to full networking, the Power Focus is the first choice in controllers world-wide.  Programming software is needed on the compact unit (Tools Talk Power Focus), however the Graph unit can be 100% programed from the keypad for complete control.  The controlers can be networked together in-station as well, allowing the graph capabilities to be used on "slave" units.


Product Downloads:

PF 4000 W7 Manual


Product Specifications:

Power Focus 4000 Range and Options