Altas Copco GTG 25    7" & 9"

Atlas Copco has developed tools powered utilizing turbine technology for twenty years. Based on that experience we now present, along with our premier grinding distributor Kenrich Industrial, our new turbine grinder, GTG25. When it comes to power, performance and ergonomics, the GTG25 is truly in a class of its own.

Ergonomic in every sense
The impressively high power-to-weight ratio will not only make your job much easier, it will also boost your productivity. With its amazing power-to-weight ratio, ergonomic angled throttle
handle, and the autobalancer to minimize vibrations, the GTG25 effectively reduces strain on the operator.

Your safety, our priority
The GTG25 is equipt with an overspeed shut of device. The adjustable
and durable wheel guard ensures maximum operator safety.

Amazing turbine technology will boost your productivity
Press the throttle and experience the immense power of turbine technology. With 2.5 kW of raw power in a 2.1 kg tool, you’ll get the job done quicker than ever before. The turbine motor is more efficient than a conventional vane grinder motor, therefore it takes less time to do the same job. Also the total air consumption will be significantly lower for a specific job. With the state-of-the-art GTG25 turbine grinder you get an extremely high rate of material removal on the roughest surfaces.
A speed governor ensures optimum process.


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Product Downloads:

GTG25 Interactive PDF with Video

GTG25 Product Brochure